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Why The Zombie Bible?

Litore’s generosity and grace are well represented here..

Litore adds Zombies to ancient tales from the Old Testament seamlessly is an incredible feat.
His knowledge of the Old Testament shines through, as does his incredibly beautiful prose.


I was recently invited to give a brief talk and a reading from The Zombie Bible at the Real Myth and Mithril symposium, organized by the Colorado nonprofit Grey Havens Group and hosted by the remarkable independent bookstore Barbed Wire Books in Longmont, Colorado. It was an exuberant event, and I want to share some photos, as well as a quick-quick version of what I had to say about The Zombie Bible.

RMM1 (Stant Litore reads from What Our Eyes Have Witnessed.)
I feel that I learned something from every talk at the event, and that is really rare. Kelly Cowling’s talk about J.R.R. Tolkien’s idea of “recovery” and the way we use art was worth the trip, all by itself. It also provided the perfect segue to what I hoped to say about The Zombie Bible.

The quick summary: Tolkien’s idea of art was that it…

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