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TED Talk on Introversion

I just listened to a speech on introversion.  (http://www.npr.org/2012/06/08/154457233/how-do-introverts-share-ideas)  In it Susan Cain speaks about the problems introverts face trying to fit into an extrovert world.

Cain’s reasons for why this is an extrovert world makes sense:  we are urban beings.  Introverts are happier in pastoral environments.  Time alone is the most productive and gets the best results.  The Quakers understood this, and along with prisons, created solitary confinement.  They thought solitary time would give an inmate a better chance to reform.  We now know there is a limit to how much solitude is helpful. 

Cain said, there is no such thing as totally introvert or totally extrovert, everyone fits somewhere along the ‘line’ between the two, and on the extremes would be those who are insane.

Like Cain says, group ideas tend to gravitate towards one idea, belonging to the person with the most charisma.  She points out, that the person with the most charisma is probably too busy socially to have time to do any deep thinking.  In the past, I have often wondered at decisions made in group meetings and wondered why my ideas were seldom considered.  After viewing this, something clicked: some people find me boring, and when I think about it, realize I probably do not have enough charisma to go along with the many ideas I try to express. 

What is charisma?  How does it operate? Why is it necessary?

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